I'm excited to announce my re-election campaign for Mayor of Reno!

Dear Reno Residents,

On March 5, I filed for re-election, declaring my intention to serve as your mayor for a second term so that we may continue the success we’ve shared over the last three years.

Serving the city where I was born and raised has been the honor of a lifetime. I often still look out the windows of my office atop City Hall in awe of the faith you’ve placed in me.

Along the way, each of you has played a critical role in moving us in a more positive direction. The success of our region lies in the people who call it home — whose spirit and resilience led us out of the recession and into a new era of prosperity.

When I announced my initial run for this office three years ago, I did so as a small business owner who grew frustrated with the policies, direction and reputation of our great city. And if there’s one thing I hope you’ve learned about me over the last three years it’s this: I’m not the type to sit on the sidelines.

Together, we have revitalized our city, diversified our economy, reduced our deficit, and invested in our neighborhoods.

During the last three years, Reno has experienced unprecedented economic growth and financial stability while receiving national and international attention for its unique assets, character, and appeal as a community and destination. Both small and big businesses have thrived and opportunities have flourished for local workers, while investment in the city’s infrastructure, as well as city parks, quality of life, and homeless services have become a priority.

Together, we have:

  • Put more police on the streets while continuing our commitment to community policing.

  • Expanded functionality of all fire stations, ensuring quick and efficient response for all residents.

  • Reduced the deficit by 200 million dollars, creating stronger financial stability.

  • Convened stakeholders from across sectors and all walks of life to develop a master plan that establishes a collective vision for Reno’s tomorrow.

  • Positioned Reno as a world-class destination for conventions and trade shows, spurring economic diversification.

  • Invested in expanding services for those living and visiting our downtown core through the newly created Business Improvement District.

  • Established the Blight Buster Initiative, which continues to eradicate run down and uninhabitable buildings.

  • I also know we have more to do: housing remains unaffordable for far too many, our homeless do not have adequate services that demonstrate a commitment to our shared humanity, and public infrastructure requires further investment to sustain growth and maintain the quality of life we’ve all enjoyed over the years. These are some of the real challenges that will be among my top priorities throughout a second term.

    Together, with the right leadership and determination, we can get there.

    Thank you for allowing me to serve the Biggest and Best Little City in the World.  I am truly grateful.

    Thank you for your support,

    Hillary Schieve
    Mayor of Reno